The Lightweight Building Block

Ideal for DIY projects, retaining low garden bed walls.
Light in weight, easy to cut and durable.



AAC Block & Panel is extremely versatile and is available in blocks and panels of various sizes and widths for non load-bearing construction applications including external walls, internal walls, floors and fences.

The Lightweight Building Block

AAC Block is one third and a quarter lighter than the equivalent fired clay brick and concrete block. The reason consists in the porous structure of the block, where millions of air bubbles occupy 70-75% of the total block.

Acoustic Insulation

AAC Block & Panel have natural sound insulation thanks to their porous structure and their ability to dampen mechanical vibration energy. The sound coming from inside or outside of the room moves in a Zig Zag direction, in which it will be split up and minimized substantially before going through the wall.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

AAC Block & Panel have very low thermal conductivity.  So space inside the AAC Block or Panel building tends to be cooler in summer and warmer in winter providing long-term added value.


AAC Block materials have high uniformity in which the concrete structure is cured in the high pressure saturated steam. In the autoclaving process AAC Block, is highly durable and has the highest compressive strength among light-weight AAC Blocks.

Pest Resistance

Resistant to insects and rodents.

Fire resistance

AAC Block & Panel are resistant to high temperatures for a longer period than most solid building materials. Depending on the walling thickness of the AAC Block and Panel, fire ratings up to three hours can be achieved. It is non-combustible and it will not give off toxic fumes.


Environmentally Friendly

Different from traditional bricks, Manufacturing of AAC Block & Panel is eco-friendly when compared to other masonry manufacturing products. The production process of the AAC cuts down toxic wastes and emissions which are harmful to the environment and can cause greenhouse effects. It has much better thermal Insulation and is more energy efficient

  • Save: In most cases it has 2-4 times less build time and is up to 30% cheaper than competitors similar AAC products.
  • Durability: In the autoclaving process the blocks and panels are cured with high pressure saturated steam which makes them highly durable.
  • Stronger: 5mpa AAC block has the highest compressive strength among light-weight AAC blocks.
  • Workability: AAC is easy to use, light in weight and easy to cut.
  • Australian compliance: Meets the AS 5146.2 & 1530.4

AAC Block has been tested to meet the needs of trade’s and home renovators with great results and cost savings.


BSI Certified complies to Australian & New Zealand standards AS/NZ 5146.2-2015 BMP No 649612  AS/NZ 1540.3-2014 BMP 665225